3 november 2010

Celph Titled, Buckwild ft R.A The Rugged Man och FT - Mad Ammo

Ett simpelt beat som bara totalt mördas av RA och Celph!.

Låten är från Celph och producenten Buckwilds collab album "Nineteen Ninety Now"

Buckwild om albumet:
Revisiting the classic SP-1200 and Akai-S950 sound that reigned supreme in Hip-Hop’s “Golden Era,” the beats on Nineteen Ninety Now were originally produced by Buckwild between the years of 1994-1995–but never recorded to. Buckwild fondly recalls what it was like to dig back into those crates “although I’ve stayed ahead of the times as a producer, it was a lot of fun to load up these old disks.
I wanted to be able to resurrect a 90’s sound that once was and combine it with 2010 rhymes.
Jag har inte hört hela albumet än men Step Correctly är också en överfet låt:

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